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Tulium laser transurethral vaporesection with benign (adenoma) of the prostate


This surgery has gained immense popularity in the last 3 - 4 years in the treatment of prostate adenoma.

Peculiarity of the removal of prostate adenoma with Thulium Laser is its being bloodless operation. Though very serious bleeding cases occur while the patient takes blood thinners (of aspirin-type) for any reason, due the large size of the prostate gland adenoma, during classic transurethral resection surgery and a few weeks after the surgery, bleeding does not occur in these cases during the surgery of prostate adenoma with Thulium Laser.
In order to improve urinary act during prostate Adenoma with Thulium Laser at the hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, both vaporization and enucleo-resection surgeries. During this surgery, endoscopic device, called resectoscope and connected to video- imaging system is inserted to the bladder through urethra. Upon inspection of the bladder and urethra, enlarged areas of prostate gland is evaporated or cut and removed through Thulium Laser energy. 1-2 days after surgery the patient is allowed to leave hospital to home.

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Baku city, 36 Ziya Bunyadov avenue. Zip/postal code: AZ1069