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19 channel electroencephalograph for EEG investigations


High sampling rate and low noise
Showing impedance on electroencephalograph’s block
Connector for a standard electrode cap
Activity in unscreened room

Tips for electroencephalography:
  • - Epileptic seizures (confirmation of the diagnosis, type of epilepsy, selection of the drug and treatment strategy according to its type, the dynamics of the disease, regulation of drug doses, control over of pharmacotherapy, instruction to stop anticonvulsive therapy)
  • -non-epileptic seizures (psychogenic, syncope of vascular origin, unconsciousness)
  • -Encephalopathy (toxic, vascular-origin vasculitis, complications of hypertension)
  • Dementia.
  • Headaches (to determine the type, determination of treatment / medication according to its type).
  • Dizziness
  • Sleep disorders of paroxysmal nature
  • Weakening of memory and attention
  • Violation of speech in children, stuttering, hyperactivity, night time enuresis.

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Baku city, 36 Ziya Bunyadov avenue. Zip/postal code: AZ1069