Republican Hospital named after Arif Heydarov of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

GE LOGIQ S7 – universal 4D ultrasound examination device was put into use.


Logic S 7 allows broader use in all clinical areas (abdominal cavity, small pelvic, pregnancy, in the Doppler echocardiography of blood vessels etc.).

Logic S 7 4D allows to watch the physical parameters of the fetus, heart, brain, bone-muscle, kidneys, lung imperfections, chromosomal abnormalities, along with its actions (smiling, yawning etc.) and the development dynamics during pregnancy and fully undamaged and faster unlike 3D technology, also it is possible to write video imaging of the examination to various media (flash-cart, CD, DVD-drives)
Scientific practical conference on Diabetic Retinopathy named after A.Heydarov of the Department of Medicine of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on November 28

On November 28 consultant ophthalmologist of the Republic Hospital named after A.Heydarov of the Medical Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Yusifov Emil gave a lecture on “Diabetic Retinopathy” at the conference hall of the Hospital.  



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