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 Therapeutic Dentistry: the sphere of dentistry dealing with various diseases, prevention and treatment of functional and anatomical abnormalities (defects) of the mouth cavity and teeth, restoration of occurred defects and dental care. 

Endodontics: one of the spheres of therapeutic dentistry dealing with the treatment of diseases arising in the dental pulp (pulpitis, periodontitis and others.).

Prosthetic Dentistry: sphere of dentistry by special methods dealing with prevention and treatment of abnormal development, defects, anatomical and functional defects of the dentition. Modern prosthetic dentistry originates in the primary technology of dental prosthetics. Dentures used in prosthetic dentistry restore both the anatomical shape of denture defects, and its functions.

Pediatric Dentistry: sphere of dentistry dealing with the prevention and treatment of milk dentition and diseases that arise in mixed bite.

Orthodontology: Orthodontology is a specialized sphere of prosthetic dentistry dealing with the treatment of abnormalities of dentition.
Periodontics: Sphere of dentistry dealing with the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of diseases of periodontal membrane. 


Congenital or acquired defects successfully eliminated within maxillofacial and oral surgery. Improvement of both surgical techniques and equipment used, increases the reliability of operations.

In recent years, maxillofacial and oral surgery (international name "Oral and maxillofacial surgery ") is accepted as one of the most developed spheres in medicine. The maxillofacial and oral surgery consists of:

  • Pain in the jaw joint and the face;
  • Dental implants;
  • Correction of problems with the jaw associated with the trauma and tumors;
  • Birth defects of lips and gums;
  • Impacted teeth;
  • Operation of cyst;
  • Damage to the soft tissues of the maxillofacial area and others.
  • Aesthetic disorders may be congenital or occur in the future due to the

 Aesthetic disorders may be congenital or occur in the future due to the accidents and diseases. Inconsistency of upper and lower jaws in relation to each other and face leads to both aesthetic and functional discomfort to patients. Shortened or lengthened with respect to each other the upper and lower jaws, too long and short face are the problems that we often face. Gingival display while smiling, associated with functional disorders of the jaw, which leads to non-joining of teeth, abnormal position of jaws, the anomaly of the upper jaw, aesthetic disorders of tip of the chin can be corrected with surgery. People with this kind of problems have difficulty while chewing and speaking. Currently emerging technology facilitated the correction of these disorders. Development both surgical tactics and equipment used in recent years have increased the success and reliability of these operations. 

 The use of bone lengthening technique, the so-called distraction osteogenesis is the most significant development in jaw surgery. This method can treat both Congenital shortening of the jaw and insufficient development of the faces of children, and large losses of bones as a result of cancer and accidents.  The most important advantage of this method is easy and safe exercise and no need to take bone from another part of the body. While applying this method, the skin and muscles are formed, lengthening together with a bone. By means of the method of bone lengthening the large jaw anomalies are corrected, also treatment of the atrophy of the jaw bone becomes possible in which it is impossible to use the dental implants. Reducing the amount of bone over time makes it difficult to use dentures. Application of maxillofacial and oral surgery removes both problems of this kind, and the toothless problems with implants.

Currently the implantology has become widespread in the oral and maxillofacial surgery.
General guidelines for dental implantation (for any type of implants):

  • Absence of one of the teeth at forepart  
  • The effects of the tooth order
  • One- and two-sided infinite defects in tooth alignment
  • Completely edentulous jaw, especially in the reduction of alveolar protrusion height
  • Hypersensitivity to acrylates or unable to wear removable prosthesis resulting in vomiting reflex.
  • Lack of functional occlusion and formation of a pain syndrome, dysfunction as a result

Sinus floor elevation – is it impossible to get an implant due to the natural change in bone because of many years have passed from the exodontias?! Now, we can solve this problem by bone transfer.

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Baku city, 36 Ziya Bunyadov avenue. Zip/postal code: AZ1069